2018 FILMS



STATUE Directed by Glenn Marshall 

4:47 / Animation

This animated film is a play on the visual connection between iconic statues and their deeper layered meaning in the wake of the current migrant/refugee crisis.  

dykwim_1 (1).png

DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN? Directed by Viktorija Sipilova

1:55 / Animation 

This project is based on a series of interviews with a group of British citizens who had all emigrated to the UK as children. It captures anecdotes of their experiences as immigrant children, from racism to self-confidence issues and questions of cultural identity. 


ESTRELLITA (LITTLE STAR) Directed by Daniel Houghton

7:49 / Animation

A girl growing up on a Vermont dairy farm discovers a tragic reality about her family.

Making an Immigrant still .png

MAKING AN IMMIGRANT Directed by Nabil Burias

2:17 / Animation 

Our ethnicities, religious backgrounds and names can be a red flag in airports across the globe even in the country you were born in. This is an animated short illustrating the struggles that many people have to go through.

La Nostra Storia- wide angle.jpg

LA NOSTRA STORIA (OUR STORY) Directed by Loranzo Latrofa

4:31 / Animation

This animated film focuses on the delicate issue of migration. The stories of today's migrants are the stories of our past. Their 'story' is our story. It is everyone's story.

My Brother.jpg

MY BROTHER Directed by Audrey Yeo

2:00 / Animation

My Brother is a personal tribute to the silent contributions of migrant workers globally. Many of them take on jobs that are considered by the larger public to be menial in nature. The film aims to recognize the silent migrant workers' contributions to our communities. 

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SCENT OF GERANIUM Directed by Naghmeh Farzaneh

4:40 / Animation

Immigration is a new chapter in one's life, a chapter with unexpected events that can take one's life down paths different from the one imagined. This film is an autobiographical account of the director's experience with immigration. 


5:05 / Animation

EU governments are implementing security-oriented policies to govern migration, including higher walls, more controls, detention, and expulsion. Deporting migrants to their country of origin will not solve nor change people's needs to migrate. Tunisians re-migrate to Italy shortly after being deported, as the uncertainty of travel is preferred to the certainty of unemployment and poverty. 


4:58  / Animation

This animated short film tells the story of a refugee from Zimbabwe. It's part of a film series of animations which illustrate the journey of five children who have sought refuge in the UK. Each journey was narrated by the children with an emphasis on the reality of their plight. The animations show the challenges refugees face are not just in their home country but also in building their new lives. 

Narrative Shorts

2ND LIFE Directed by Jake Alexander McAfee

7:38 / Drama

A man and his wife emigrate from Africa to America to pursue a better life,

a 2nd life. 

2nd Life Still.jpeg

MI AMIGO NAIM Directed by Jose Luis Lopez Ortiz 

12:00 / Drama

Alba, an eight year old girl meets Naim, a South African immigrant. Two different worlds will come into contact to show that friendship has no borders. 


THE FARE Directed by Santiago Paladines

25:00 / Drama

A young man transports undocumented migrants into the United States. Thinking of himself as a "taxi" service, he is forced to confront the harsh realities of human trafficking when one of the passengers is a twelve year old girl.

The Fare-005.jpg

THE LANGUAGE OF BALL Directed by Ramon Roderiguez

9:00 / Drama

A lonely teenager, new to the city, is forced out of his comfort zone one morning on the basketball court.  

Harlem mural.jpg

AMERICA; I TOO Directed by Anike Tourse

19:53 / Drama

Three arrested and detained undocumented immigrants must navigate the system to fight impending deportation. America; I Too stars Academy Award nominee Barkhad Abdi and features the music of Grammy winners Quetzal. 

Anike & Barkhad.jpg

Documentary Shorts



Produced by: George Dong, Runnie Exuma, Wesaun Palmer, Maelin Perez, Jamie Liesner, Benedict Yu, Maya Menon Freeman

6:44 / Documentary Short

A documentary about the resilience of immigrant communities in Trump's America. 

ROOM 140_still_04.jpg

ROOM 124 Directed by Priscilla Gomez

12:00 / Documentary Short 

Immigrants just released from detention centers spend their first night in Oakland at a motel, paid for by one of the workers. For one night of respite, they rest, reflect and prepare for the next phase of their journey. 


MAINE GIRLS Directed by Yael Luttwak / Abigail Sharon 

28:00 / Documentary Short

A film that tells the story of immigrants and U.S. born teen girls in Maine, who find common ground and acceptance. 


TRAUMA AT THE BORDER Directed by Robert Greenwald

4:40 / Documentary Short

Pediatricians reveal the long-term damage that can be done when children are imprisoned, even with their parents. Produced by Brave New Films.

VertPoster_ImmigrantPrisons_02 copy (1).

IMMIGRANT PRISONS Directed by Robert Greenwald

14:25 / Documentary Short

Immigrant Prisons exposes the abuses of the deportation industrial complex, substandard medical care, widespread physical and sexual abuse, virtual slave labor working conditions and highlights the incredible stories of three former detainees. Produced by Brave New Films. 

Narrative Feature

WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY Directed by Iram Haq

106:00 / Drama

Sixteen year old Nisha lives a double life. At home with her family she is the perfect Pakistani daughter, but when out with her friends. she is a normal Norwegian teenager. When her father catches her in bed with her boyfriend, Nisha's two worlds brutally collide.

To set an example, Nisha's parents decide to take a drastic step which forces Nisha to adapt to her parents' culture. 

what will people say still.jpg

IN SEARCH OF THE AMERICAN DREAM Directed by Baldemar Rodriguez 

143:00 / Drama

In Search of the American Dream is a riveting story of five children and their adult brother as they desperately race across Texas for survival after their undocumented parents were caught, arrested and thrown in jail. Deportation is only a matter of time. The film tells the story of one family torn apart, and the feat and agony the children are forced to bear alone. 


Documentary Feature

HERMANOS- Still 3.jpg

HERMANOS/SIBLINGS Directed by Laura Plancarte

80:00 / Documentary

Hermanos/Siblings tells in parallel the story of two Mexican brothers who want to go back to the US after being deported for life, with the story of an American woman who lost her house and today believes she can get it back through Trump's promises. Their journeys take them on road trips to meet with their past and with relatives who they believe can help them achieve their dreams.  

Jacqueline Mow - Jose_portrait.jpg

EAST OF SALINAS Directed by Jackie Mow/ Laura Pacheco

72:00 / Documentary

East of Salinas is a documentary about immigration, childhood and the cruelty of circumstance. An undocumented third grader dreams of becoming an engineer. As deportation and gang violence threaten his future, this bighearted, ambitious boy begins to understand what it really means to be "born in Mexico."