RETORNADOS is a short documentary about three families who have been forced to return to Honduras, and the extremely violent conditions they fled. Moving through the restless streets of the unstable capital city, and into the drama and determination of each family’s story, the film explores the experience of being returned to a familiar, yet increasingly unsafe situation.

RETORNADOS joins the families immediately after their unsuccessful attempts at crossing the U.S. border. Mexican immigration officials, whose forces have swelled due to U.S. State Department funding, are capturing thousands of migrants and returning them back to San Pedro Sula, a city that often claims the highest murder rate in the world.

The families featured in RETORNADOS have a strong sense of pride and a reluctance to leave, but they see no way to continue living in their country. With no police or state support, they have no protection from the gang networks, who are rapidly expanding their territory across the country through extortion, robberies, home seizures, murders, and threats. Each family is exhausted from their situation, yet resolved to make it to America to gain the asylum they hope will be granted to them if they could only arrive. Directed by Sarah M Kuck and Meredith Hoffman. 

WINNER 2019 Best Documentary Short

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Meredith Hoffman is a journalist who most recently worked for the Associated Press in Austin and has also covered immigration issues for Vice, The New York Times and Rolling Stone. Sarah Kuck is a director, editor and cameraperson who has been working on issues of home, community and displacement. She co-created Even the Walls, which won best short film at the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival.